Thursday, 11 March 2010


Secara berpasangan,anda dikehendaki mencari contoh-contoh Bahasa Pengaturcaraan di bawah:
1. Machine Language
-Intel 80x86
-IBM system/360
-Intel 8008/8080/8085
-MIPS R2000/R3000
-Motorola 680x
-National 32032
-Strong ARM
-Motorola 680x0
-Powe architecture

2. Assembly Language
-HLA(high level assembly)

3. Third Generation PL

4. 4 GL
-Visual FoxPro
-Visual Dataflex
-Progess 4GL

5. 5 GL

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


i learn about the multimedia in 1st lesson..
in this have 5 element..
it is text,audio,graphic,video and animation..
this multimedia can use in business,arts,medicine and engineering..
i also learn about interactivity..
it means refers to the way users interact with a multimedia application or program..
i learn the web-based multimedia also..
it have two type of web-based multimedia..
multimedia technology and internet technology..
teacher also ask us to do about the text-based web editor and WYSIWYG web editor.. also ask us to do our worksheet..
it can improve our knowledge also..XDXD
this is all the thing that i learn from the 1st lesson until now..
finish blogging..
end by:thursday 2010.01.28


BY:liangpaz wenyi